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Where can I release?

Where can I release right now? What thoughts are on a continual loop that is not serving me?

I ask myself these questions over and over - themselves a continual looping. Over and over, I find myself softening my shoulders, clarifying my thoughts, redirecting my expectations. Sometimes, it feels like the process of self awareness is exhausting. Sometimes, I think 'what's the point?'. Sometimes, I just want to care a little less - not about what other people think of me, but of what I think of myself. About my own potential, limitations, strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, this role of being a human feels exhausting.

And then.

I alter my focus. I widen my view, to be broader, more expansive. I see that I am a mere speck in this world; that what I think and feel and expect of myself and others is pretty irrelevant. I have a bit of a grin to myself about how wrapped up I can get in getting things right, of wanting others to share my expectations. I sheepishly acknowledge how bossy I can be, how I want everything done my way, at my pace, because apparently, I know best. I remind myself, over and over, that everyone is on their own path, and how they choose to walk, run or stumble along it is their own choice.

So, where can I release right now? I can release the need to feel like I have all the answers. I can release the idea that the burden of responsibility is mine alone. I can release the idea that my way is the only way. The looping thoughts of trying to get everything right, all of the time, can take a break.

Where can you release right now? What looping thoughts can you take a pause on, and perhaps replace with some self-compassion and kindness?

With love,



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