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How do we let go?

Last week, all yogis were given the option to practice blindfolded. In the dark, the movement is simplified, and the experience amplified.

It felt a bit like watching a garden bloom - movements were slow and tentative at first, and then became more expansive and expressive. The concentration and focus, the quiet, the exploration - it was beautiful to see.

I thought about how brave everyone was, and that it was a real process of letting go - letting go of how the shape 'should' look, letting go of inhibitions, letting go of moving the 'wrong way'. Letting go, whilst simultaneously leaning in to what the body wants.

I starting thinking about how all of life is about letting go. Letting go of our childhood. Letting go of relationships that may not serve us. Letting go when people we love get sick or die. Letting go when our children behave in ways that we may not like. Letting go of friendships that no longer fit. Letting go of lifestyle choices that harm, not nurture. And, especially as we get older, letting go of the expectation to look a certain way, 'act our age',

and please others first.

Letting go can feel scary. It can feel liberating. It can be a relief, a balm, a visceral experience.

How do you let go? Do you feel like you hold on tight to life, trying to keep control of all the moving parts?

Learning to trust the wisdom of your body and heart is a lovely way to allow yourself the experience of letting go. We hold tension in all parts of our body, often not noticing it as we rush through each day.

What happens if your body is doing the guiding? Can you allow your body to lead, and lean into your inner wisdom?

With love,

Amanda x

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