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Fall to the floor ...

‘What good is energy if I can't lend mine when yours is spent? This isn't weakness or charity, this isn't dependence, but simply sharing an abundance of love. Here, for the asking, is not just the pot of gold, but the rainbow’

Danna Faulds

When your energy is depleted, when you keep turning in circles because there is so much to do and you don't know where to start - fall to the floor. Find stillness. Breathe. Give your thoughts some time to slow, and your body some time to settle. Picture a snow globe - it's hard to see clearly what is within when it is all shaken up; but give it a little time to settle and all becomes clear.

Coming to class on days when you think you don't have the time can feel like this. You arrive all frazzled, the day clipping at your heels, head a blur of thoughts and half finished conversations and lists. It's pretty hard to be productive like this.

The first part of every class is sinking into the floor. Finding stillness. Breathing. This pause is where the magic happens - I can see it descend upon the room. Just for now, you are settled.

It would be lovely to think that this feeling could last all day, every day. The reality is that life is messy and constantly seems to get in the way of serenity. But just knowing that it is there, that you can access this sense of calm within you - what a gift.

Much love,

Amanda x

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