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Sometimes, more often than not, there is magic in the stillness of the studio. There is a sense of weightlessness, but also groundedness. It makes me pause, and consider with wonder how what looks like air can be imbued with such a sense of soft energy. I can feel it, in my heart and behind my eyes. I can feel it when I hold your head in my palms - I feel the sweetness of connection and the loveliness of your energy moving through my hands. You don't see, because you are resting beneath your silk eye pillow, but often I will press my palms to my heart after connecting with you, to absorb and appreciate and acknowledge how grateful I am that we share this space, this time. After teaching for years now, I have come to realise that it is not about the shapes we make, it is not about how far we can bend our bodies ... it is about the quality of our breath. It is about noticing how we feel as we move, and accepting where we are on any given day. It is as much about our weaknesses as our strengths. It is acknowledging that we are complex, complicated, multifaceted individuals who come to the mat with a rich history of love and loss, achievement and failure, hopes and dreams. You may come to my classes because I am a yoga teacher. But really, you are all my teacher. I simply guide, I watch, I listen, I notice. I take my lead from you, and hold those reins loosely, encouraging you to be free, to explore and play. This week, I have loved all the different options you have taken for restorative shapes - it warms my heart when everyone is doing something different. And, why shouldn't we? Our uniqueness is what shapes us, and I love you in all your quirky shapes! Welcome back, yogis - it has been too long :) With love, Amanda xx

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