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Are you listening to your body?

This week - all of the feels, all of the big thinks.

We don't need more stuff.

We don't need to be busy all the time to have value.

We don't need to look a certain way, be a certain weight to be accepted.

We don't need to be responsible for the emotional wellbeing of others.

We don't need to put our own needs last.

What we do need is to live within ourselves, with respect for what our body tells us. It is in a constant state of finding balance, homeostasis, and when we are out of whack, our body knows. It will tell us with inflammation, weird aches, digestive issues, headaches, sleeplessness, a feeling of 'not right-ness'.

Our mind will tell us to push on, do more, say yes, support, give, accept, please, submit, and then push a little more. Of course, this is not all bad. We need to get stuff done, and be there for others.

But what if it isn't balanced with the opposite - saying no, doing less, leaning in, taking, setting boundaries, letting go, releasing ...

Sometimes, the body says no. But are you listening?

When we embody practices that allow us to stay in our bodies, to be present and pay attention to what is, we find that balance. Listen to soothing music, do some deep breathing, be in nature, move in a way that feels good, connect with other lovely people ... it's all enjoyable stuff anyway! Why don't we do more of it? Why do we feel guilty?

Life is short - too short for many. Do more stuff that matters. Be kinder to yourself. Perhaps when you are making your daily list of Things To Do, take something off and replace it with 'Roll around on the floor while breathing deeply and listening to chilled tunes and then sit in the garden with a cup of tea'.

Why not? What could be more important than spending precious time with your lovely self?

With love,

Amanda x

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