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Are you feeling a bit fragile?

Fragile is a bit of an old-fashioned word. The dictionary defines it as 'the quality of being easily broken or damaged'. Which makes it sound like a bad thing. But if you think of say, fine china, it is fragile, delicate, precious - and none of these things are bad. You simply care for the china, treat it well, treat it with respect.

This week I have felt a bit fragile. So I cared for myself, I slowed down, I listened, I respected my needs. And I wasn't the only one - the studio has been full of bodies being battered by life - exhaustion, dog bites, spider bites, sore feet, dodgy backs, aching legs and mental fatigue.

This list makes it sound like an exceptionally fragile week, but really, isn't this life? As soon as one thing clears up, something else takes it's place, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

This is why we practice yoga.

We practice in the good times in preparation for the not so good times. We practice when we have it all together, so we have somewhere to go when things fall apart. We practice to support ourselves, so we are able to support those around us when they fall apart.

If you know that sinking into a Childs pose is restorative and nurturing, then this is a gift you give yourself when you need to feel loved. If you know that pressing your palms to the softness of your belly helps you connect to yourself, this is where you will go when you feel scattered. If you have experienced the joy of expansion in a full-body stretch and twist and the happiest of happy babies, you are more likely to drop to the floor whenever you can.

We show up in the good times and the bad. Whether we nap through the class or embrace every shape offered, simply depends on the day. It doesn't matter. Knowing that the refuge of yoga is within, that you carry it with you no matter where you go, is priceless.

With love,

Amanda x

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