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Such value in tea & chat

The movement we do in the studio is such a small part of the magic of a class. There is so much goodness in the coming together of like-minded women, sharing stories and supporting each other as we move through the wonderful madness that is life. The Tea Sessions, the 10 or so minutes after class, is a place where we swing from serious to ridiculous in a matter of seconds. I love the sharing of advice, tips on everything from parenting teens, to hair products, to sneakers, to pet training.

Sometimes we even talk about yoga.

We are all so multifaceted, and the breadth and depth of these conversations is one of the reasons I love getting together. I can be super deep and thoughtful and I love to go there, but it is often the ridiculous and just plain silly where there is so much value.

This week, our conversational topics have ranged from the sad and emotional, such as dealing with ageing parents, and how there is a sense of grieving the loss of being a daughter, and transitioning into parenting the parents - often against their wishes. For those of you in that space, make sure you are being kind to yourself, especially when it all seems too hard and overwhelming, and you just want another grown up to take over. Do what you can, and look after yourself.

At the other end of the conversational spectrum, somehow nude skydiving came up - male nude skydiving - and there was much hilarity as we tried to figure out how the harnessing worked, and landing, and just - why?! And yes, it really is a thing.

It is this honesty, the fun, the complete lack of pretence and competition that makes our time together such a precious part of the week. Thankyou for being part of the magic :)

With love,

Amanda x

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