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It only takes a reminder to breathe, a moment to be still, and just like that, something in me settles, softens, makes space for imperfection.

Danna Faulds



With a heavy heart and buckets of tears, the doors to the garden studio are closed.  Hopefully with many doing the right thing, we can be back together soon.

in the meantime, I will be putting out a newsletter and filming some classes to help you keep your crazy under control!  I will email links as they are done, so if you are not on my email list, drop me a line and I will add you in.  Also keep an eye on Instagram and FB for tips and words of wisdom, inspiration and 'WTF is happening in the world?!' kind of stuff. 

Stay safe and healthy, look after each other, be kinder than you need to.



Hello and welcome!

I have been practicing yoga since I was 19, and am so happy that after a very long and winding path I finally get to share my passion with others! I find yoga transformative. Restorative. And uncomplicated.  For me, it is not about doing  crazy poses - at 48, the challenges are more internal. I have no ego about my yoga practice.  Some things just don't make me feel good - so I don't do them.  This is on and off the mat.  I love the feeling of balance and expansiveness that I get from my practice.  It gives me perspective, clarity and the sense that all will be well.  

I understand first hand how yoga can heal - whether that be physically after trauma such as a car accident, or emotionally during and after life changing events like divorce.  It can be a saviour, a challenge or simply a lovely way to revisit yourself.  

It is my passion to assist women in moving their bodies in a way that makes them feels good, inside and out, 

in whatever shape and form that may take. We are all different on the outside, and so too on the inside. Skeletally, muscularly, cellularly, mentally - we are all unique and perfectly imperfect.

Join me in the garden studio for nurturing, inclusive and thoughtful yoga. Give Maple the Vizsla a pat

on the way through! 

I look forward to meeting you ~



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Byron Yoga Centre

50 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Lee Ann Heron

20 Hour Yoga for Grownups Training with Maria Kirsten

Experiential Anatomy Training with Judith Hanson Lasater & Mary Richards 

Constantly reading, researching, wondering and experimenting



Why yoga over 40? We have so much going on - in our lives, in our bodies, in our heads - yoga is proven to help with the symptoms of menopause, our beautifully ageing bodies, maintaining the hydration of our tissues and joints, greater clarity ... the list goes on! But don't take my word for it ...

Amanda Yoga sessions are so much fun and a delight for both the body and spirit. Amanda is such a lovely, nurturing and knowledgeable teacher, giving individual attention to each yogi in small classes in her beautiful studio. Everyone participates at a level that suits them best. There is no pressure to do anything but relax and enjoy!


I am 66 years old, and have been doing yoga on and off for 35 years.  I found large classes a little intimidating. Amanda Yoga classes are small and intimate and I enjoy the personal attention I receive in class. Amanda is very knowledgeable about anatomy and how different we all are. I highly recommend her classes!


I am always running around after my family, so to take time out for myself in Amanda's lovely studio is such a treat.  She is a caring, engaging teacher who encourages me to listen to my body and really notice what is going on inside. She invites us to be curious, playful and respectful of our differences.  I especially love the music and the cup of tea and chat at the end - it is a lovely way to head back into my day.




Classes are small (up to 6), and each session is tailored to the group. There are always modifications offered to ensure that everyone gets the full benefit of the class. We use blocks, bolsters, balls, rollers, straps, the wall ... we get creative and have fun!  Whatever it takes to feel supported and stretched. There is time at the end of each class for a sleepy wake up after savasana, a cup of tea and a chat with other like minded women.  As class size is limited, bookings are essential.


$24 casual pay per class 

5 class pass $110

10 class pass $200

Private/corporate session up to 6 people 1 hour $99 or 75 minutes  $120

Groups 8+ lets chat!

15% discount for seniors card holders

Multi class passes are a great way to commit to a regular practice! Valid for 3 months

All classes are held in my garden studio in East Fremantle, WA

I don't have a fancypants booking system - simply contact me by phone, email or text message to book :)



Increase stability, strength and flexibility by connecting breath with movement, in a flow that works on moving the body through the full range of motion available. We move in a way that feels good, giving us a juicy stretch and cultivating a feeling of calm and ease.

 Suitable for everyone. All props provided.

Monday 1-2.15pm

Tuesday 6-7am

Tuesday 10-11.15am

Wednesday 9.30-10.45am

Wednesday 1-2.15pm

Wednesday 7-8.15pm BLOKES ONLY

Women Practicing Yoga


Yin is a like having a deep massage, a power nap and meditating all at the same time!  It involves longer holds (3-5 minutes) and works into deep fascia to release tension, hydrate the tissue around the joints and promotes a feeling of deep contentment and release.  This is not the same as restorative yoga - but does have many of the same benefits. As it is mostly done on the floor, it is suitable for everyone. All props provided.

Thursday 7-8.15pm

Friday 9-10.15am

Yoga at Home


Want to create your own yoga journey and need some assistance?  Feeling a little overwhelmed in life and require nurturing through your yoga practice?  Or wanting to create a calmer, more cohesive environment in your workplace?  I can tailor classes to suit individuals and groups.

Private classes are a lovely gift to yourself or a loved one. 



Let's chat about how to begin your own yoga journey

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 East Fremantle WA

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