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So Much Sweetness

Some weeks it feels like there is an extra layer of sweetness in the studio. The breath is deep, the sighs are long, and bodies roll fluidly and easily from shape to shape. There is a sense of being together, but also of being alone, each mat a life raft for exploration, contemplation, meditation. Eyes are closed far more than they are open. I find myself riding the wave of contentment, and teaching from my heart rather than my plan.

There is also a real tenderness in the way yogis have been sharing private issues with each other, and there is kindness that flows both ways - in the telling and in the receiving. I am constantly reminded that whilst we are totally unique, we are also navigating similar paths of family and self. To know that someone else has walked your path may not make things better in the moment, but perhaps just knowing how someone else coped, that positives can be found within the sadness, and hearing that this too shall pass - perhaps some days that is what we need to hear.

I am humbled by the bravery in the room, as we all face the unknown. As I gently rest my hands on your shoulders, slide my palms along your neck to cup the sides of your head, I feel so tethered. It all seems so simple, in that moment of sharing breath.

I am reminded by the words of Dana Faulds:

'Experience the expansion, the spaciousness that comes from resting in the truth of unknowing. It isn’t comfortable, at least not now, but it is powerful and inherently creative. Use the sense of vertigo to leave behind the known, and let go of the need to tether your soul to anything solid or definable.

Let yourself go, over and over, until it is second nature to be weightless'.

With love,

Amanda x

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